What’s The Deal With Gluten?

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Gluten has become a hot topic in recent years. Where is this substance found, and is it actually not healthy for us to consume?


1) Gluten and “gluten grains,” like wheat, rye and barley are the basis of the western diet. Gluten is a substance found within many bread and pasta products.

2) Our bodies may have some trouble digesting gluten.

3) Highly processed wheat products tend to have higher amounts of gluten than more traditional, less processed wheat products.

4) Gluten is a sticky, gelatinous protein substance which can act like a glue as it sticks to the walls of our digestive tract. This can cause inflammation and lead to our gut becoming “leaky.”

5) This gut inflammation can lead to a permeable digestive tract, which can cause harmful particles and toxins to leak into our bloodstream.

6) It is still not practical for everyone on the planet to go gluten free, as this substance is found in such a significant percentage of popular food.

7) Many people attempt to remove gluten from their diets by purchasing “gluten-free” packaged foods.

8) These Gluten-Free Junk Foods (GFJF) are marketed as a healthy alternative, but these products are often higher in sugar, fat, and salt than their full-gluten counterparts.

9) There are still as of now not many large outcome studies proving that completely cutting gluten translates to positive health outcomes. For now, most medical experts believe that removing gluten from the diet is only helpful to people who suffer from Celiac’s Disease.

10) There has been evidence suggesting that, in fact, people without Celiac’s Disease that do go gluten-free actually have a heightened risk of heart disease, greater rates of weight gain, and higher rates of diabetes.

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