What Is “Processed” Produce?

Fruits and veggies are natural and healthy, but what makes some produce ‘processed?’

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Author and Edible Baja Arizona magazine editor Megan Kimble explains how to avoid processed produce.


1) There are degrees to how much your produce is processed.

2) Megan believes that buying produce that is grown with pesticides is still a healthier choice than eating a ‘fast food’ diet.

3) After learning the healthiest and most cost-effective ways to cook, try finding a local farmers’ market at which to buy your organic produce.

4) A fresh fruit which is grown with the aid of pesticides is still a heavily processed piece of produce.

5) Each year, The Dirty Dozen and The Clean Fifteen produce lists are published, revealing which fruits and veg are the most heavily processed and which are the least processed.

6) Megan opted to join a Community Supported Agriculture program. She pre-pays a flat rate and picks up a box of fresh, organically-grown seasonal produce each week.

7) CSA programs allow the consumer to support their local farmers and received quality seasonal produce at reasonable prices.

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