Top 5 Worst Breakfast Foods For Diabetics (plus 1 Secretly Dangerous Breakfast Ingredient)

Which breakfast staples are actually loading our bodies with too much sugar?

Gain a world of knowledge about the diabetes epidemic and discover what you can do to lose weight and fight diabetes!

Is breakfast actually the most important meal of the day? It turns out that some of the most unhealthy foods for diabetics are breakfast staples.


1) Intermittent fasting involves going 12 to 14 hours without food. Applying this method can be as simple as just skipping breakfast. Many diabetics have found that this method can actually help with weight management and blood sugar control.

2) Bacon – though the average American eats 18 pounds of bacon per year, this highly processed saturated-fat-filled breakfast staple has been shown to have carcinogenic properties.

3) Breakfast Bars – Granola, protein, and other power bars are typically overflowing with added sugars. They essentially share the same nutritional value as candy bars.

4) Hash Browns – They are basically just breakfast French fries. Typically made from starchy white potato, they’re usually coated in corn flour and fried in unhealthy cooking oils.

5) Pastries, Waffles, & Pancakes – These bready products are the quintessential breakfast treat, but they are typically made from high sugar white flour, along with large quantities of milk and butter. They’re also often coated in high-sugar syrups.

6) Cereal – It may be the go-to choice for busy parents, but most varieties are supplying a huge carb load. In fact, some cereals are over 50% pure sugar. Plus, adding just 1 cup of 1% fat milk will add about 13 grams of carbohydrate to your breakfast.

7) Breakfast Drinks – From smoothies, to lattes, to energy drinks, liquid breakfast will skyrocket your blood sugar. Most are loaded with ridiculously high added sugar content, and fruit smoothies still tend to have most of their fiber stripped.

8) Coffee Creamers – The “secret” dangerous breakfast ingredient is one food product many of us use on a regular basis. But half and half, milk, or flavored creamers are all high in carbohydrates and most are loaded with added sugars or other unhealthy chemicals.

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