Top 5 Amazing Healthy Food Swaps For Diabetics

Dump the junk food and try out these AMAZING healthy food swaps!

Gain a world of knowledge about the diabetes epidemic and discover what you can do to lose weight and fight diabetes!

We have some delicious and healthy alternatives to your favorite ‘junk food’…


1) Carrot cake and cheesecake are two of the most popular cakes, but they are extremely unhealthy. A slice of either of these cakes will load your body with a huge amount of calories, carbs, and sugar. Try switching to almond flour cake, it’s gluten-free and diabetes-friendly as it has only around 3g of carbs per slice!

2) A pint of beer while at home or out with friends may seem harmless, but they are actually packed with carbohydrates and sugar. Switch that carb-loaded beer with a glass of red wine. Red wine is rich with polyphenols and antioxidants.

3) Pizza…It’s delicious. But most pizzas are full of carbohydrates, calories, saturated fat, and sodium. A regular slice of pizza can contain roughly 30 to 40g of carbs. If you want a healthier version of pizza, try cauliflower base pizza. At only around 3g of carbs per slice, they are an excellent choice for diabetics as it won’t raise your blood sugar.

4) High-sugar foods like candy, soda, and cookies lack in nutritional value. They are also packed with low-quality carbohydrates. You can please your sweet tooth by snacking on high-quality dark chocolate. This is a much better choice for blood sugar control.

5) Overdoing it on fried, greasy foods can lead to weight gain and wreak havoc on your blood sugar. So try swapping those french fries for healthier sweet potato fries which will give you around 400% of your recommended daily allowance of vitamin A! Also try swapping out those oily potato chips for some delicious oven-roasted pumpkin seeds. Pumpkin seeds are high in fiber, magnesium, and beneficial fatty acids.

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