The Life And Advice Of A New Zealand Dietitian

Meet the amazing and multi-talented New Zealand dietitian, Jessica Moulds.

Gain a world of knowledge about the diabetes epidemic and discover what you can do to lose weight and fight diabetes!

Jessica Moulds is one of many dietitians who are giving people new hope and fresh ideas for improving their lifestyle habits.


1) Jessica Moulds is a registered dietitian who lives and works in New Zealand.

2) Jessica is also a professional athlete, playing netball for the Mainland Tactix.

3) At Jessica’s private practice, she works people on issues like high cholesterol, eating disorders, irritable bowel syndrome, gut health, and, most especially, diabetes.

4) On average, Jessica meets with two diabetic clients per day.

5) New Zealand is multi-cultural, but with that comes lots of high carb, high fat, and high salt foods.

6) Just like in America, New Zealand families are increasingly turning to fast foods.

7) Jessica meets with her clients to get a comprehensive picture of their lifestyles.

8) Jessica understands that habit-changing is difficult, so she tries to make the goals for her clients incremental and achievable.

9) Her main goal is to push her clients to cut back on their processed food intake and to dramatically up their whole, natural food intake.

10) Jessica says to shop around the edges of the supermarket, and avoid the processed food middle aisles.

11) Jessica also recommends reading ingredient labels to ensure that sugar is not one of the main ingredients of any packaged food you may consider purchasing.

12) Jessica teaches her clients tips for maximizing their dollar and their health, such as buying certain foods in bulk, and by having them look at nutrients per gram or nutrients per liter.

13) Jessica believes that it’s best to avoid soda, drink lots of water, and consume at least half a plate of fruit and vegetables for each meal.

14) Jessica also teaches her clients about the healthiest cooking methods, like lightly grilling, baking, and sauteing.

15) Keeping fruit and vegetable skins in your meal is important, Jessica argues.

16) Jessica recognizes that some people do well eating 3 healthy meals per day while others excel at consuming six to eight small healthy snacks throughout the day.

17) Jessica believes, for diabetics especially, it’s best to avoid long gaps between meals.

18) If you are worried about diabetes, don’t be shy about finding a nutritionist or dietitian to help you achieve your goals.

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