The Future of Diabetes Technology

Dr. Christopher Rhodes reveals the future of diabetes management and prevention technology.

Gain a world of knowledge about the diabetes epidemic and discover what you can do to lose weight and fight diabetes!

Diabetes is a condition for which there are already many amazing forms of technology available. What’s in store for us when we look to the future of diabetes tech.


1) Pharmaceutical technology is any device or formula which helps deliver medicine to your body.

2) There are many new forms of tech on the horizon, including nasal insulin, buccal insulin, and GLP-1 delivery systems.

3) New diabetes research and technology advancement is happening all over the world, especially in countries like China and Japan, where their populations have seen dramatic rises in diabetes cases within the last few decades.

4) The medical industry has an interest in creating technology to better diagnose prediabetes cases.

5) Right now, millions of apps are available related to diabetes management.

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