“Life Without Diabetes” by Rod Taylor – Is Diabetes REALLY Reversible?

Life Without Diabetes by Professor Roy Taylor Book Review.

Gain a world of knowledge about the diabetes epidemic and discover what you can do to lose weight and fight diabetes!

In this video, I’m going to give you just a bit of a breakdown of the book, without giving too much away, and I’ll give you my thoughts.

1) So who is this Professor Roy Taylor? Well, he’s a professor of medicine and metabolism at Newcastle University. He’s also worked at the University of Edinburgh and at Yale University. In his book he talks extensively about the studies he conducted or participated in, in relation to diabetes.

2) The first half of the book is sort of dedicating to the medicine, science, and hard data he collected over the years.

3) Professor Taylor’s main point of his book is this – he believes that diabetes is not related as much to overall obesity, but has more to do with where your body stores its fat – he believes that type 2 diabetes is related more to fat being stored in your liver and in your pancreas than if you are simply overweight.

4) He also gives an overview of food – how does food affect our bodies? And what does fat have to do with diabetes?

5) His big theory about diabetes all has to do with fat stores in the liver and the pancreas.

6) The second half of the book is all about taking his theories and putting them into action.

7) He gives 3 main steps for his plan of action, which include an initial period of rapid weight loss, followed by a longer period of slowly reintroducing certain foods back into the diet, followed by a much more long-term lifestyle plan, ways to maintain good glucose control.

8) The book also contains easy to follow recipes to help achieve the goals set out in the book.

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