Inflammation And Diabetes

Did you know that chronic inflammation can raise your risk for diabetes?

Gain a world of knowledge about the diabetes epidemic and discover what you can do to lose weight and fight diabetes!

A key for fighting diabetes is to lessen inflammation within your body. Nutritionist Lauren Kanzler, Dr. Izabella Wentz, and Dr. Cade Copeland reveal why you should understand chronic inflammation and the steps you can take to overcome this dangerous condition.


1) High glycemic foods are broken down very quickly inside your stomach. This can cause an alarm reaction within your body. Your blood stream will become flooded with insulin, which is inflammatory.

2) When your cell membranes become inflamed, they may have an increasingly difficult time absorbing glucose. This creates a vicious cycle within your body between your brain’s insulin response and your cells’ insulin resistance.

3) The beginnings of type 2 diabetes can start out as cell inflammation.

4) Leaky Gut a.k.a. Intestinal Permeability is a condition in which the gut is not properly sealed. Food particles, bacteria, or even viruses may then find their way into the bloodstream and from there can cause inflammation within your body.

5) Food sensitivities can create intestinal permeability, and many people are sensitive to either gluten, dairy, or soy. Leaky Gut Syndrome can also come about due to digestive enzyme deficiencies, nutrient deficiencies, and over-consumption of grain products.

6) Grains and processed sugar are two of the most common foods which create inflammation.

7) The food we eat is used to create new cells throughout our body, so we literally are what we eat.

8) Arthritis can be thought of as inflammation of our joints, psoriasis can be looked at as inflammation of our skin, and dementia can be considered inflammation of our brain.

9) Many people want to simple take medication for treatment, but medications usually only treat the symptoms, not the root causes of diseases. What is causing these symptoms in the first place, and how can we go about treating the root causes?

10) A perfect first place to look for treating root causes is towards what foods we’re putting into our bodies.

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