Diabetes And Dieting: Which Plan Should You Follow?

Can fad diets actually end up making you LESS healthy?

Nutritional and medical experts Dr. Merri Pendergrass, Dr. Catherine Heinlein, Summer Bock, Ari Whitten, Lauren Kanzler, Vandana Sheth, and prediabetic Natalie Hyland give us the low-down on a variety of popular diet methods and explain why they might…or might NOT help as a treatment for diabetes.


1) Every few years, a new dietary fad seems to emerge.

2) Low Carb / High Fat, High Carb / Low Fat, Vegan, Mediterranean, Paleo, and other diets are all popular now, but which, if any, may be right for you?

3) Low Carb/ High Protein diets can be helpful in the treatment of diabetes, but many nutritionists warn that these diets can create ketosis in the body, which could end up being harmful for long-term health.

4) Ketosis is a form of internal artificial starvation, where the body will break down fat when there is no incoming sugar.

5) Lauren Kanzler finds that diets which create ketosis do not work well for treating diabetes, because it can cause damage to the kidneys.

6) Some people have found success in treating diabetes via veganism and vegetarianism.

7) Natalie Hyland became a vegetarian for ethical reasons, but she found that a nice side-effect was that it naturally lowered her weight.

8) In general, all new diets have some commonality – they all move away from processed foods and up the quantity of whole, natural plant foods.

9) Summer Bock believes that people need to listen to their bodies more, and find ways to ignore the cravings. She believes gut microbiome imbalance can lead to craving unhealthy foods, and following certain fad diets may contribute to these cravings.

10) Dr. Heinlein feels that fad diets are unsustainable. It has to work day-to-day, and be something you can live with long term, and a form of eating that doesn’t separate you from your friends and family.

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