Can Smoothies Help You Fight Diabetes?

Can nutrient-rich meal replacement smoothies actually help “reverse” a diabetes diagnosis?

Gain a world of knowledge about the diabetes epidemic and discover what you can do to lose weight and fight diabetes!

Pharmacist Dr. Jennifer Lamoureux reveals how her unique smoothies helped her father fight diabetes.


1) Dr. Lamoureux spent years dispensing costly diabetes medications and grew frustrated with a lack of methods for treating the root cause of this condition.

2) Jennifer’s father gained a significant amount of weight later in life and progressed from prediabetic to type 2 diabetic. Eventually, he was prescribed insulin.

3) She investigated natural, nutrition-based methods for fighting diabetes, and found that replacing high calorie, carb-heavy meals with lower-calorie, vegetable-based, spice-infused smoothies can help address the root cause of diabetes.

4) Though hesitant at first, Dr. Lamoureux’s father adopted his daughter’s specialized smoothie plan. After several months of replacing two meals a day with these smoothies, he lost enough weight to lower his fasting glucose levels. Now he no longer requires insulin shots.

5) Dr. Lamoureux stresses that these types of smoothies are meant to be full meals, not an extra snack.

6) Include quality nutrition with veggie-based carbs, protein, and omega-3 fats.

7) Add vitamins, antioxidants, and extra fiber with low-glycemic fruit.

8) Add a variety of spices to help balance glucose levels.

9) Make sure to add plenty of water or unsweetened coconut or almond milk to reduce the thickness and provide extra water content.

10) We reveal the secret recipe to the Diabetes Smarts Superfood Smoothie.


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