8 Diabetic-Friendly Foods That Fight Fatty Liver Disease

Let’s uncover 8 amazing foods to aid your liver health!
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Why is this disease so common for type 2 diabetics? And which foods can you eat to prevent it?
1) Did you know that your liver has over 800 functions? It plays a vital role for proper metabolic function, it helps remove toxins, and it’s an essential part of blood sugar balance.

2) There are several forms of fatty liver disease, but the common type to watch for, especially if you are diabetic, is non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Having type 2 diabetes raises your risk of fatty liver disease by 80%.

3) Beans and soybeans contain a good amount of resistant starch. Instead of raising your blood sugar, it acts like fiber, and can help to reduce post-meal glucose levels. Plus, they contain choline and omega-3 fatty acids, both of which have been shown to aid liver health, and may even help to reduce the risk of liver cancer.

4) Believe it or not, studies show that drinking 1 to 3 cups of coffee per day can delay the progression of fatty liver disease. Research shows that the caffeine within coffee can lower abnormal enzymes in the liver.

5) For a powerful, liver-aiding spice, try turmeric. In fact, a recent study showed that consuming turmeric regularly for 12-weeks can decrease levels of serum alanine enzyme and aspartate enzyme, both of which are often abnormally high in people with fatty liver disease.

6) Add crunchy, diabetes-fighting, liver-powering nutrition to your salads or soups with sunflower seeds. They are loaded with vitamin E, which has been shown to reduce levels of several types of enzymes associated with fatty liver disease.

7) Oatmeal contains beta-glucans, which have been shown to slow digestion, boost nutrient absorption, and stimulate the gut microbiome – which are all key ingredients for good liver health.

8) Thanks to the vitamin and mineral content of spinach, studies have proven that it can reduce oxidative cell damage. And a separate 2021 trial found that newly diagnosed participants with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease who ate raw spinach daily slowed the development of this disease.

9) Fatty fish, like tuna, salmon, and sardines, are all loaded with the powerful omega-3 fatty acids D.H.A. and E.P.A. These fats can help reduce triglycerides and liver fat, which can lower the risk of developing fatty liver disease. And studies show that fish oil or other omega-3 fatty acid supplements reduce liver fat content and significantly improve fatty changes in the liver.

10) Nuts contain a variety of vitamins and minerals which have been shown to work wonders for liver health. Brazil nuts are a great source of selenium, which has been shown to protect against liver cell damage. And macadamia nuts contain an excellent amount of manganese, which has been shown to reduce inflammation.

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