8 Amazing Ways For Diabetics To Have a Healthy Weekend

Let’s discover how you can have a healthy weekend with these 8 incredible tips.

Gain a world of knowledge about the diabetes epidemic and discover what you can do to lose weight and fight diabetes!

How do we stay healthy on the weekend and still have fun?


1) Try hiding your snacks or covering them to disincentivize you from grabbing another bite.

2) When out drinking, try having a cut-off point and switch to non-alcoholic drinks…or ditch the beer and go for a glass of red wine instead.

3) Expand your horizons and try something new this weekend, although it’s great to always get your favorite ‘unhealthy’ foods, why not try a different healthier option…you could be surprised and find something you love.

4) Take time to get some fresh air, even just a 30 minute walk can be incredibly beneficial to your health.

5) A perfect indoor exercise for the weekend is to do some cleaning! Have an amazing clean house while burning calories, it’s a win win.

6) Try swapping out your favorite unhealthy crunchy snacks for healthier crunchy options like banana chips, baby carrots, bell peppers or nuts.

7) Get on the dance floor this weekend, dancing has been shown to raise your fitness, improve your balance, strengthen your muscles and help with weight management.

8) Make sure to find some time to relax and read, reading will not only lower stress but will help strengthen the health of your brain.

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