5 Worst Foods That Increase Diabetic Neuropathy

Do you have nerve pain? Watch this IMMEDIATELY!
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Lower your symptoms and risk of diabetic neuropathy by avoiding these 5 foods…

1) Dairy products are among the top supermarket sources of saturated fat. Studies show that following a diet high in saturated fat can lead to inflammation, which can then lead to nerve damage and nerve pain. And the high added sugar content in dairy products can also be harmful to your nerve health, as excess sugar in the blood stream, over time, can damage of the protective MYELIN SHEATH which surrounds nerves.

2) Most potato chips contain high levels of SATURATED FATS, which have been shown to damage nerve fibers. Plus, chips are typically deep-fried at extremely high temperatures, which increases their trans-fat content. Trans-fats have been found to reduce serotonin production in the brain, which may affect memory, increase the risk of depression, and it can alter the ability of neurons in the brain to communicate.

3) Artificial sweeteners can trigger a CEPHALIC PHASE INSULIN RELEASE. So, while your blood sugar may not skyrocket when you eat artificial sweeteners, your insulin levels will rise, and that can interfere with your gut bacteria balance, which may increase in your insulin resistance. Insulin resistance can lead to excess sugar in the blood stream, which can raise the risk of nerve damage.

4) Cereals and high-gluten foods, for some people, may can cause an autoimmune response in the gut, which may lead to inflammation, and eventually, LEAKY GUT SYNDROME. This is harmful to the linings of the intestines, and can cause them to become porous. Certain toxins and harmful bacteria may then “leak” out of the gut and into the blood stream, and from there, they can then cause damage to certain nerves.

5) Sodas and high-fructose soft drinks are a main cause of obesity and excess visceral fat, which are linked to increased insulin resistance. Research suggests that insulin resistance induced by fructose can lead to neuropathic-like pain. Studies show that regularly consuming fructose can damage specific nerves which control muscle movement and the sense of touch.

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