5 Incredible Superfoods For Diabetics

Explore 5 of the very best anti-diabetes foods to get onto your plate.

Gain a world of knowledge about the diabetes epidemic and discover what you can do to lose weight and fight diabetes!

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3) Avocados are not only one of the most delicious foods on the planet, they’re also one of the healthiest foods on the planet. They contain heart-healthy unsaturated omega-3 fatty acids.

4) Bell peppers, or capsicum, come in a variety of colors. Green is the least ripe, red is the most ripe. Any color bell pepper will give you excellent nutrients, like a high amount of fiber, folate, beta carotene, vitamin A and vitamin C.

5) Beetroot can be an extremely healthy choice if you are worried about diabetes. They are low in calories but high in fiber, and come loaded with other nutrients like folate, phosphorous, and nitrates, which can help lower blood pressure.

6) Walnuts are an excellent source of proteins and polyunsaturate fats. The nutrition within these nuts can help lower LDL cholesterol and inflammation.

7) Cinnamon is a super-spice because it contains a range of cancer and diabetes-fighting antioxidants. It’s been shown to help lower blood pressure and improve insulin sensitivity.

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