5 Heart Health Myths… DEBUNKED!

Which myths about your heart are WRONG?
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Discover the REAL truth about your heart health and diabetes!

1) Coconut oil has become highly regarded for its supposedly healthy fat content, but is it actually the best cooking oil for diabetics? 90% of the fat content of coconut oil is SATURATED FAT – the kind of fat associated with heart disease.

2) A family history of diabetes puts you at risk for developing diabetes as well. But is a certainty? Can you do anything to avoid the same fate? Your genetics may make you predisposed to developing certain conditions, but your environment, and your lifestyle, is the main driver of your health. In fact, a recent study concluded that making even small healthy changes to your diet and lifestyle, regardless of genetics, can reduce your risk of heart disease by up to 50%.

3) Eggs have been controversial for decades, with many scientists and doctors warning against their high cholesterol. But most of the fat content of eggs is in the form of beneficial MONO AND POLYUNSATURATED FATS. Studies show that eggs, in moderation, can increase levels of beneficial HDL cholesterol without increasing, and in certain cases, decreasing levels of artery-clogging LDL cholesterol.

4) It certainly seems accurate that you should NOT exercise after suffering a heart attack. However, while doctors will definitely recommend that you take a break from physical activity directly after a heart attack, they also note that it is important to work towards slowly strengthening your heart muscles. Doctors suggest starting slower, and building up to a more intense weekly routine. So, if you are worried about heart disease, try just 30 minutes of light physical activity, a few times per week, in the form of an after-meal walk.

5) If you are worried about your heart, you MUST avoid ALL fatty foods… right? Wrong! Multiple studies show that diets rich in unsaturated fats, especially when used to replace typical saturated fat foods, can work to improve blood cholesterol levels. MONO and POLYUNSATURATED FATS supply beneficial OMEGA-3 FATTY ACIDS, which work to reduce harmful LDL cholesterol while improving levels of heart-helping HDL cholesterol.

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