5 Best New Year’s Resolutions For Diabetics

Give these resolutions a try, they’re easier and more rewarding than you might think!

Gain a world of knowledge about the diabetes epidemic and discover what you can do to lose weight and fight diabetes!

New Year’s Resolutions tend not to stick, but we’re revealing 5 amazingly simple and effective resolutions to better your health, and they can actually be easy to maintain.


1) Create a Kitchen Closing Time: Eating later in the day can create unhealthy blood sugar rises during the night, and it can lead to weight gain. Make a rule with yourself that your kitchen is closed after 9:00 pm, or even earlier if possible.

2) Develop a Grocery Game Plan: Shopping aimlessly may lead to purchasing unhealthy processed foods, which can worsen your overall health. Come prepared with a shopping list, and try to avoid the middle aisles.

3) Get 6000 Steps per Day: Walking alone has been shown to help reduce your weight and your fasting glucose levels. Try to take a half hour walk after each big meal to aid your digestion and balance your blood sugar.

4) Drink More Water: Soft drink consumption is a significant reason for the current obesity and diabetes epidemics. Try to avoid sugary drinks as much as possible, and keep yourself hydrated with water instead.

5) Cut Back on Added Sugar: Naturally, consuming unnatural added sugars found within processed food products will raise your type 2 diabetes risk and worsen your insulin resistance. Avoid packaged products as much as possible to better manage type 2 diabetes.

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