5 Best Brown Foods That Fight Diabetes And Obesity

What are the best brown foods that fight diabetes while aiding weight loss?
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Discover the 5 best brown-colored foods that work to better manage blood sugar AND may help you to lose weight!

1) Dark chocolate with high amounts of CACAO are lower in sugar content than milk chocolates, and they supply powerful antioxidants, including FLAVANOIDS, polyphenolic compounds which have been shown fight cancerous oxidative damage, reduce inflammation, improve blood flow, lower blood pressure, and they can work to reduce harmful LDL cholesterol. Studies also show that regularly eating small amounts of dark chocolate can decrease insulin resistance.

2) Brown edible seaweeds, including wakame, kelp, and sea spaghetti, are actually vegetables, and they contain high concentrations of carotenoids, especially FUCOXANTHIN, which has been found to aid cardiovascular health. Studies also show that fucoxanthin supplies anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetes, and anti-obesity activities, and it may significantly reduce triglyceride concentrations and cholesterol levels.

3) Pinto beans may be the most nutritionally-dense brown bean in the world, and while they are high in carbohydrates, they are also loaded with dietary fiber – which helps to ensure that these beans will not cause a blood sugar spike. Pinto beans also supply an abundance of antioxidants, including KAEMPFEROL, which can work to reduce oxidative stress and inflammation, and it further helps to improve weight loss.

4) Almonds and walnuts are brown nuts which are both excellent sources of heart-helping POLY and MONOUNSATURATED FATS, plus diabetes-fighting minerals and other compounds which can reduce the risk of heart disease, including ellagic acid, catechin, and phytic acid. And thanks to their protein and fiber contents, they have been found to provide both glucose control and satiety.

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