10 Warning Signs That You Are Eating Too Much Sugar

We’re about to take a close look at the biggest warning signs that you’re eating far too much sugar. Some of these may shock you!

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You’re probably already aware that consuming too much sugar can create many unwanted effects within your body. But you may not realize the signs that are warning you to cut down on the sweet treats.


1) If your wounds aren’t healing fast, this may be a sign of too much sugar! When you’re consuming chronically high levels of sugar, it can lead to vascular damage.

2) If you find that you’re having frequent mood swings, it may be a warning sign that you’re eating too much sugar!

3) Excessive sugar intake could cause an acne breakout. Eating too much sugar can spike your insulin levels. This can make your skin produce more oils, thus – that big pimple on your face.

4) Eating too much sugar can throw your hormones out of wack, affect blood flow, and affect your nerves. These symptoms can lead to erectile dysfunction.

5) Sugar can be a reason you can’t stay focused. Consuming too much sugar can cause dehydration, which can then lead to excessive blood sugar adversely affecting eye cells. This can lead to your vision blurring. It’s been widely reported that poor vision can cause lapses in concentration.

6) Sugar consumption has been linked with the release of the feel-good hormone dopamine. This can activate opiate receptors in your brain, which can lead to compulsive behavior – like eating a whole tub of ice cream every night.

7) Eating too much sugar can cause changes in weight. Sugary foods are high in calories. If you eat too many calories, you’re going to gain weight. But here’s a shocking fact: eating too much sugar can cause you to lose weight, too.

8) Are getting enough sleep every night, but you still feel tired in the morning? This may be due to the sugar you ate the day before. Consuming an overabundance of simple sugars, quickly broken down in your body, can lead to an extremely quick blood sugar spike, causing your pancreas to release a flood of insulin. And this will most definitely lead to a blood sugar crash.

9) Excessive sugar intake can force you to make extra trips to the toilet.

10) If you’re constantly thirsty, this could be a sign of consuming too much sugar. But make sure to drink water instead of sugary drinks.

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