10 Terrible Foods For Diabetics

Are you eating any of these shocking foods?
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We’re about to discover 10 truly terrible culinary options.

1) A serving of French fry potatoes? That will give you a whopping 427 calories, 56 grams of carbs, and, thanks to the deep-frying process, it also adds 20 grams of fat. Deep-fried in unhealthy oils, with large helpings of added salt, the process of creating French fries can really mess with your blood sugar levels.

2) Pre-packaged snacks and baked foods may seemingly make life easier, but, chances are, they are also making your life less healthy. They’re usually made with refined flour, loaded with carbs, typically packed with added sugar, and containing very few nutrients, most of these foods will drastically impact your glucose levels.

3) Beer is especially loaded with carbs. In fact, many popular brands of beer supply between 10 and 15 grams of carbohydrates per 12 ounce serving. This means you are essentially receiving the same amount of carbs from one small alcoholic drink as you’d get with a slice of white bread.

4) Dried fruit is not the same as fresh fruit. Drying fruit concentrates its sugar content, and, of course, removes its water content. So, while you might believe you are making a healthy choice, eating dried fruit may flood your system with an overload of simple sugar.

5) Flavored coffee drinks are usually jam-packed with carb content, and a heap of added sugars. Many store-bought coffee drinks will even contain more sugar than a can of soda! And, of course, these drinks supply absolutely no fiber.

6) Most breakfast cereals are highly processed while being very low in nutrients.
They also tend to hold extremely large helpings of carbohydrates and simple sugars. In fact, it’s been reported that certain popular kid-friendly cereal brands are well over 50% pure sugar! Breakfast cereals also lack protein. So a small bowl of many popular cereals could skyrocket your blood sugar.

7) Flavored yogurts are made with carb-heavy low-fat milks, and they can supply upwards of 25 grams of added sugar per 200-gram serving! In some cases, certain varieties of packaged fruit-flavored yogurt can have about 60% of their calories coming from sugar! In fact, some estimates show that flavored yogurts supply 100 calories more per serving than plain yogurt.

8) White bread, white pasta, and white rice are highly processed and very high in carbs. After all, these foods are created with white flour, which carries a high glycemic index score. And, as they also contain very little, if any fiber, over-indulging in these foods will surely spike your blood sugar.

9) Trans fats extend the shelf-life of packaged foods, and they help to lower productions costs for fast-food companies, as trans-fat oils, also known as PARTIALLY HYDROGENATED OILS, can be re-used multiple times in deep frying. Plus, trans fats add an addictive texture and taste to foods, which ensures that you will come back for more.

10) Soft drinks, fruit juices, sweetened ice teas, energy drinks, and more. These highly processed beverages are loaded with simple sugars and chemical preservatives. A typical can of soda can contain 140 calories, with nearly 40 grams of carbs – all of which are pure sugar. That means it will contain zero fiber. Thus, this liquid sugar will be almost instantaneously processed inside your body. So it’s nearly impossible NOT to experience a blood sugar spike from these drinks.

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